The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

There are L'Open Tour Bus that allows you to hop-on and hop-off at many of Paris's major sights such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Champs-Elysees and the Louvre. With 2 million visitors the first year and over 5 million people a year today, the Eiffel Tower is a real crowd pleaser and is clearly the site tourists prefer.

At the crossroads of the entire world, more than 200 million visitors have come since its construction. It is not surprising when you consider the Eiffel Tower is the monument that best symbolizes Europe.


First level

57.63 meters (189 feet). Observatory from which to study the movements of the Eiffel Tower's summit. Kiosk presentation about the mythic painting of the Eiffel Tower. Space Cineiffel: offers an exceptional panorama of sights from the Tower. Souvenir shops (yes, every tourist must have a miniature replica). Restaurant "Altitude 95" (phone 01-45-55-20-04). Post office, with special stamps "Paris Eiffel Tower ". Panoramic gallery displaying the Monuments of Paris.

Second level

115.73 meters (379 feet, 8 inches). Panorama of Paris. Telescopes, shops. Animated displays on the operation of the elevators. Jules Verne Restaurant (extremely expensive, reservations absolutely necessary; phone 01-45-55-61-44).

Third level

276.13 meters (905 feet, 11 inches). Exceptional panoramic views, day or night, of Paris and its surroundings. Recently restored office of Gustave Eiffel, showing him welcoming Thomas Edison. Panoramic guide displays to aid orientation. Dioramas presenting the history of this platform.

Source: Discover France